Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Jones, "Locker Room Talk - Says Who?"

In this TED Talk, Alexis argues that boys are primarily influenced by external resources in their perception of women, and that the way they see women is skewed because of this. She believes that porn and other media causes boys to have unhealthy relationships with girls, and that we should all work to put a stop to this.

For the most part, I agree with Alexis. I believe that we are all fed false perceptions of the world that have little to no basis. I was really affected by the story she told, in which a boy wasn't sure where the idea that it was good to have sex with women came from. So often we're just told that things are the way they are, with no explanation for why that is. We should all question the world around us.

A follow up question I have would be: How do we not only stop boys from raping women, but actually get them to see what's fundamentally wrong with it in the first place? I know that by putting restrictions in place that we can prevent future assaults from happening. This is obviously the most important thing. But I think we need to go further in depth in educating boys about why rape is so wrong, otherwise preventative rape measures could turn into just another thing that they're told exist "just because", as opposed to knowing the valid reasoning behind it.


  1. Great post Bristol! & I do agree that we should all question the world around us. We are fed so many things by media that have no basis or meaning, and it can in fact teach us how we should act, I think the example with porn was a great one because porn can teach someone what it means to have sex before their parents tell him "the birds and bees". this can affect their choices in sexuality and relationships as well.

  2. I like how you mentioned that we are fed false perceptions of the world and have little reasoning behind our decisions other than "just because". Great post!


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