Sunday, June 11, 2017

"Cinderella Ate My Daughter" and "Enlightened Sexism"


For my post, I've decided to elaborate on Lexi's blog post this week. In her post, Lexi argues that competitive reality shows should not be seen by young girls, as it could shape their perception of female relationships in a negative way. I agree with her, as does Douglas, the author of the article. These shows teach young girls that getting a man's attention is the most important thing, and that you should put other women down in order to do it.

Another point Lexi brings up is in relation to the other article: she states that when it comes to materialism and how it is ingrained into us, we should not blame the parents for buying their children these toys. This is true, as it is difficult for some parents to say no to their children, and it can be difficult to see how these items may influence a child's future. It is the fault of the companies themselves, as they purposely perpetuate harmful ideologies in order to make money. If anyone is to be blamed, it is them.

And there's more to be said about this when it comes to women and materialism. My best friend, who is a feminist like myself, once said "There are lots of incorrect and stupid female stereotypes out there. But you know, I've actually never met another woman who didn't like shopping". I don't think I've ever met a woman who hates shopping, either. In fact, I just went shopping last night, spending money I definitely shouldn't have. Why? I feel like as girls we are conditioned since we are children to love buying things, and that this has been marketed towards us as a way to raise our self esteem, and it can be a hard habit to break as adults.


  1. Great post Bristol. You & Mallory both elaborated on Lexi's post which I think was great. She highlighted important points related to the reading. I do also agree that materialism is embedded into our lives.

  2. Great post, I also did a similar post like yours. I love your different points and how you explained everything.

    From Emily Twitchell

  3. Great post Bristol and thanks for using my post for yours! You brought up some great points!

  4. Really enjoyed your post. Your last point about your friend really made me think about myself and my friends as well. I would say the majority of my female friends enjoy shopping. So is it ingrained in us from a young age? Definitely something to think about


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