Thursday, May 25, 2017

Media Matters

How My High School Experience Was Shaped

This is Annie Edison, from the show Community. She is only 18, but "acts younger", and is a smart and driven, though immature and worrisome young lady. I see a lot of myself in Annie, and dressed like her for the entirety of my Freshman year of high school. Even now, when I'm nervous about a big presentation or test, I'll dress like her in the morning, and it soothes my nerves for the rest of the day.

It is no secret that Rebel Without a Cause is my favorite movie. I saw it during my Junior year of high school, which was a time when I felt very alone, so I related to how the characters felt. Even though I'm not much like him, I immediately felt an intense bond to the character of Jim Stark (played by James Dean) and his compassion for others. If I hadn't seen this movie, I may not have decided to write for teens.

The Secret Life of The American Teenager was not a good show. But when I was in middle school, I loved it. Every week, I live texted with my friend Meghan about the episode (my first real experience texting). To say it shaped my perception about high school would be an understatement, and it created a lot of internalized misogyny in me, as well, as I used to think every girl was either a Grace, an Amy, or an Adrian.


  1. The Secret Life of the American Teenager was also one of my favorite shows and I used to watch it with my mom and older sister. I agree that it shaped my representation about high school and I always thought that every high school had a Grace, Amy and Adrian. Watching the show I was addicted to the drama that was always unfolding and I wondered if high school was really like that.

  2. That concept of categorizing girls by the characters is too real. I definitely did that too, and it's hard to unlearn! I remember it getting messy when I tried to categorize myself...


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